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2015 watch models. Dozens of watch firms have showcased their products in famous fairs again this year. The watches impressed with their designs one more stylish than the other, astonished with their prices, as well. Watches are of important accessories with their functionality as much as elegancy. When we talk about watches, with soundness as waterproof and long battery life, and since the calendar application is active for new models, watches that do not require setting up till 2100 and models with signal detection indicator come to our mind. Watches with curved and flat glass, with different size and shape, and with leather or metal watchband will decorate the the elegant wrists of you ladies and add much of elegance to your style.

In 2015, we will witness the designs in watches that combines sports and classic models with a mixed mechanism. Watches standing out with sapphire glasses that do not reflect, threaded back covers, mechanical, caliber, stainless steel or gold-plated casing are among the materials of famous companies which they use for collections. Small gem detailed gold watches and original leather banded watches are in the foreground. White or pink, gold, silver or metal cased watches are among preferred ones.

Watches with baguette or pear cut diamonds, sapphire crystals and gem details take place among the models that were specially offered by designers for 2015. In recent years, watches stand out with stylish designs and started to be used as accessories more than necessity. There are such models with such style and elegance that require almost no other jewelry. New models have taken place in stores for you dear ladies who do not want to sacrifice style while following the flying time.

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La Mer Saturn Black Wrap Watch
La Mer Saturn Black Wrap Watch