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2015 new season dress models. It has been a long time since famous brands displayed their collections. Also heralding that we will have season with plenty of options, those left in our minds are jeans, leather, grid, 60’s, oversized cuts, floral and print patterns. For those who have not taken a close look at this season’s trends, we prepared the contents that might help you. This year, particularly leather clothes are among those trends that are always popular just like the jeans. Leather, which attracts almost everyone with a rebellious attitude, stands out within the 2014-2015 autumn/winter season, leather jackets along with skirts and dresses will be popular this year. The grid effect already became a part of the hit patterns of the season. Grid, which is defined as the modernized version of the checkered patterns looks particularly good in winter clothes, we see this effect especially in those products that are called mackinaw shirts.

Jeans, which are almost always popular, stand out this season as “jean on jean”. This trend, which particularly assists those who are looking for chicness without an effort, should definitely take its place in the wardrobes of those women who would like to have a chic appearance. It seems like this year will also be influenced by the 60’s, along with this floral patterns refresh our souls with flowered and leaved patterns, as one of this year’s most comfortable and chic cuts, the oversized cuts provide us both chicness and comfort. Goosefoot pattern, knitting theme, masculine suits, cloaks and ponchos that keep warm, leopard pattern, which has now become a classic, chequered also among classic patterns, tribal and ethnic patterns are again among the other trends of the attention that are outstanding.

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2015 Dresses
2015 Dresses
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