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2015 coat models. With the cool weather in these days coats will warm your heart are already in shop windows. Comfy and wide cuts creates oversize effect are ideal for women who wants a stylish and masculine look. Overly wide hats, just over the knee double-breasted coats are out there for women who likes sporty classiness. Although cashmere and fur are associated with wealth and glamour, we see thick polar fabrics and seal coats in many different design and colors.

We see grey and its’ tones quite often in coats this year. Blacks are also trend this year like always. But along with these we see warm tones such as buff, maroon, night blue and yellow tones. Despite we see patterns everywhere this season we don’t in coats. Mores simple and minimal cut, fur and accessory detailed chic coat models are waiting for you.

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2015 Coat Models - Gray
2015 Coat Models