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2015 belt models. Belts; one of the stylish accessories which adorn trousers, skirts, coats for men and women of every age, and lately, even being used with assertive evening gowns, come up in various width, forms and colours each and every season. In the 80s and the 90s, belts were pretty fashionable among ladies and gentlemen. They were literally years of the belts. Nowadays, this trend is appearing in different forms. Sometimes they are as thick as a bodice, and sometimes they are as thin as a rope. We used to see metal accessories, staples, chains, three dimensioned flower and leaf figures on belts, and during a period in which exaggeration was popular, we used to see large belt buckles, animal figures made from stones, and skull figures on only wide belts. Lately, we observe lamé, dore, and rose coloured metal textures. We sometimes used colourful thin belts in patent leather form, and sometimes in matt form. A season ago, belts have simply wriggled out of fabric and leather, leaving its’ place to thick metals. Belts with gold and silver colours, thin or thick, have surrounded the thinnest point of the waist, bringing a new dimension to chiffony clothes and the perception of belts.

As fashion goes on, belts will always have their place in our lives as significant and stylish accessories. Lately, stylish belts have complemented the waistline of the fashionable and ostentatious evening gowns, especially in fashion shows, so much so that it brought a new dimension to the concept of evening wear by adding a sporty interpretation to evening dresses, and it enshrined itself in our hearts. In fact, now we almost can not think of an evening gown without a belt. You absolutely must get a few belts that shine out in the season. You can take inspiration from the belt models that we’ll share on our page and make yourself even more stylish.

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Womens Leather Belts
Womens Leather Belts
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