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2015 cardigan models. Cardigans are always must have items. But especially this year we see long, almost to heel level, and shabby cut cardigans. Especially kimono cut and bat cut shawl collar cardigans in stores for women who wants a warm and stylish winter. In 2015 cardigan fabrics are more like from fabrics gives the handmade image with soft patterns and almost thick as coat fabrics with fur inside.

This season cardigans are high trending items. Because the fabric they are made of is thick, there are also shorter models are out there for you which are designed for leaving no requirements for coats and could be combined both with pants and skirts easily. This year we see cardigans in grey and grey tones, in baby blues and like everything we see in khakis.

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Long Cardigan 2015
Long Cardigan 2015
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