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Advised models for thick are mainly either long or very short models. If you use a model between these two, your hair could look too fluffy. Very short models can prevent your hair to look fluffy. Thick hairs usually looks fluffier than wanted but this can be decreased with thinning shears. If you have a hair like this you could think of the pixie model that saves it’s look for a long time and is easy to look after. Modelling short hair is much easier than modelling long hair. Of course if you do not have stubborn hair. Forget trying to model your hair with curlers, 5 round brushes or straightening irons. Most of the short hair models can be modelled with no problems at all. In morning rush only a blow-dryer, a straight brush, your 5 fingers and a little effort would be more than enough. Modelling short hairs is at least as important as the haircut.

Autumn Hartt Short Hairstyles - 3
Autumn Hartt Short Hairstyles
SOURCEAutumn Hartt
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