Bracelet Models


2015 bracelet models. Bracelets, bangles, charm bracelets that show up in any materials are sometimes made with precious metals and sometimes with simple materials and take their place in shop windows. Thin, thick, beaded, without bead, leather detailed, in short, these stylish designs that can be made with a lot of materials are one of the favourite jewelry of each year. We see bracelets in different but contrast colors with byzantine forms on ladies’ arms in summer and winter. Bracelets that are a part of Indian women’s life have found a place in a short time with all kinds of combinations in our life, too.

Bracelet models that stand out as gold for a few seasons, left their places to metals which are unusual materials. Wide bracelets that we see a lot in the ancient Egyptian mythology, was used sometimes on the wrist and sometimes just above the elbow. You can use this style of bracelets with plain clothes. Sometimes bracelets showed up in clamp-style, as well. Leathers, leather jewelry and leather bracelets have showed up with staples, nails and chain has appeared with nails and chain details again this year for women who love leather wearing and living in rock style.

The fashion of a period, wrapping fine leather strings to the wrist is one of the other details we encounter this year. You too can pick the most appropriate bracelet models for yourself that we will share in our page.

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Bracelet 2015
Bracelet 2015