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Lace Dress Models


2015 lace dress models. This year, the elegance of lace take its’ place in our evening gowns and daily clothes again. We can see lace in every branch of fashion, the indispensable part of wedding dresses are now available in our daily lives and even the footwear sector. The grace of lace mermerise the ladies. When it comes to evening gowns, we firstly think of sparkling lace fabrics adorned with colourful beads. We are also seeing the details of lace patterns on leather with laser cuts.

The French lace, with its’ very thin and graceful texture, look stunning on bare skin. Also, it comes up in different designs, after being compressed as applique by welding method. We mostly see this method on wedding gowns. Lately, we have been seeing three dimensional effect on lace dresses. Laces which look like blossom through weaving technique transform into extremely stylish designs. When it comes to lace dresses, the quality of the lace is as important as the quality of the fabric.

Laces are divided into three; with beads, without beads and with cordonnet. Laces with cordonnet are more suitable for designs compressed with the welding method , meanwhile, if we just want to display the grace of lace, we should prefer French lace with or without beads. Also, lace details reduce the flaws of the body to a minimum when used correctly. You must consult with your tailor when you are choosing a lace dress.

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2015 Lace Dresses - Red
2015 Lace Dresses – Red


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